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Cendi - Worship Nature
'Hồn nhiên, lãng mạn, bản lĩnh, bao dung và khát khao tự do là vốn trời cho. Nếu ta giá trị được món quá ban tặng đó của Ông Trời như phụng dưỡng mẹ cha ta, ta sẽ có được tự do của chính ta. Doanh nhân Cộng đồng luôn âm thầm thờ phụng món quà tự do của ông Trời ban tặng đó ở các cánh rừng già tưởng là giản đơn mà sâu lắng đến ngỡ ngàng' Trần thị Lành 2015!



Eco-farming Practice-based Training (Basic course) 10 – 14 June 2020

  • Introduction of HEPA Huyen Vi

    HEPA Huyen Vi is a biodiversity preservation area which is located in the upper catchment of the Ngan Pho river. HEPA Huyen Vi was restored from a depleted watershed forest into a rich one with the 50-year land use rights Certificate issued by the Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee to the Center of Human Ecological Study of Highland (CHESH) under the Decision No.1230/QĐUB dated 5 June 2002.

    HEPA has restored maintained and nurtured values of biodiversity in the watershed area based on the philosophy of Nurturing Nature, which is derived from the indigenous ethnic minorities in the Mekong region, since 1990s.

    This philosophy has been studied by HEPA through traditional farming systems of villages, which has latter been inherited and applied at HEPA Huyen Vi on principles of system planning and detail design via terrain mapping and ecological transect cutting upon the specific objectives, functions and farming method of each farm garden.

    HEPA Huyen Vi has 5 gardens which are characterized by 5 different functions and objectives

    1. 1)  Huyen Vi Garden restores, maintains and nurtures different local species available in the upper Huong Son including medicinal herbs, flowers, tubers and fruits for spiritual rituality and ceremony towards wisdom of nurturing nature.

    2. 2)  Thuong Uyen Garden restores and develops different local species of vegetables, citrus, tubers and fruits, forest products and native livestock breeds toward a self-reliant ecological household livelihood.

    3. 3)  Linh Moc Garden restores and develops traditional occupation including blacksmithing, carpentry, weaving, embroidering and natural dyeing toward an ecological farming culture.

    4. 4)  Ecological Dinning Garden practices and completes the process of collecting, storing, processing and using ecological products that fully meet 101 characteristics of eco-farming

    5. 5)  Giac Ngo Garden restores and preserves different tree species and animal breeds of the villages in the Mekong region, with whom HEPA has been working for nearly 30 years. 


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