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LISO contribution in the Forest Law, November 15, 2017

  • 1. The State recognizes, respects and secures common rights of all citizens including ethnic minorities:

    - Ensure forest-dependent ethnic minorities to be allocated forest attached with land;
    Note: This article affirms the necessity of allocation of forest and land to ethnic minority people, which is a step forward in comparison with Article 27 of the 2013 Land Law that merely stated that the State creates favourable conditions for the ethnic minorities to have land for agricultural production.
    - Ensure publicity, transparency and participation of households and residential communities in forestry activities, planning and allocation... with no discrimination in religion, belief and gender....
    - Recognize residential community... as a forest owner;
    - Recognize and respect living space of villages;
    - Recognize village community forests...: Recognize spiritual forest as the type of special-use forest, and water protection forest as the type of protection forest;
    - Households shall be ensured to be provided budget to protect protection forests;
    - Residential communities shall be ensured to be provided budget to protect special-use forests and protection forests;
    - Households and residential communities are entitled to be consulted upon the planning.

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