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'Hồn nhiên, lãng mạn, bản lĩnh, bao dung và khát khao tự do là vốn trời cho. Nếu ta giá trị được món quá ban tặng đó của Ông Trời như phụng dưỡng mẹ cha ta, ta sẽ có được tự do của chính ta. Doanh nhân Cộng đồng luôn âm thầm thờ phụng món quà tự do của ông Trời ban tặng đó ở các cánh rừng già tưởng là giản đơn mà sâu lắng đến ngỡ ngàng' Trần thị Lành 2015!


  • Glyphosate, the world’s most widely used toxic herbicide, was declared carcinogenic in 2015 by the World Health Organization and is now banned in most European Countries for its pernicious ecological and polluting effects. Unfortunately, despite statements of its negative health impacts coming from WHO, glyphosate is not among the 1,024 types of chemical pesticides and herbicides the Minister of Agriculture and Development (MARD) have announced as banned.

    GM Corn and Glyphosate are both manufactured by multinational corporations like Monsanto, which holds a monopoly position in the global commercial seed trade, GMO development, and the promotion of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Monsanto amassed huge profits from the manufacture of biochemical poisons during the war era and has been the culprit in several horrific ecological catastrophes of “eco-cide” in the last century, as documented in the Monsanto Tribunal in 2017. Amidst this, Monsanto’s monopoly and influence in the trajectory of agricultural policies in Vietnam and South East Asia continues to grow with the commercialization of GMOs.

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