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Endogenous Stories
Endogenous Stories



Young Woman Farmer’s Contribution to Sustainable Development in Vietnam

  • This little article is about a tiny amazing female, who lives in a remote local community named the Cao Quang commune of Quang Binh province. The central region of Vietnam, especially the two provinces Quang Tri and Quang Binh, are the two areas most affected by the US-War in Vietnam. Since that time the bombs and toxic residues of Agent Orange continue affecting the lives of many people.
    Ms. Mai Thuy Huyen is a dedicated young female farmer, with long term interests in biology studies and is passionate about gardening following her own ways, her own heart. Despite many refusals and unsupportive statements from families and colleagues, she has since built her garden all by hand since around July 2018. Few days ago, I had a chance to visit Huyen’s garden and absolutely felt the warmth and the love she has for it.

    It is amazing to see how Huyen has taken great care of every single fruit tree, which can be seen by how she mulches each one. Given the limited resources she has, Huyen has utilized and optimized the all available plant residues to mulch the soil and care for the fruit trees.

    Huyen mulching her fruits trees using all available organic materials.

    The local chickens are all free-range, fed with all home grown food. Huyen allows them to run free playing in the sand and rocks, searching for more food around the garden

    Huyen's chicken are healthy and run free

    When evening time comes, Huyen found herself occupied with those little roses that were asking for food and to not be eaten by insects. Instead of buying external inputs, Huyen utilizes the banana fruits from the garden. Together we enjoyed digging holes, cleared all the insects (caught them all by hands), and cut the banana fruits into pieces, and then re-filled the holes with them; expecting they will feed the rose plants soon.
    Together Huyen and I fed the rose plants one evening

    I thought about the feeling the warmth and care Ms. Mai Thuy Huyen has for her plants, her animals and the roses. Huyen is a peace maker and she exercises her peace and calmness through gardening and interacting with living things around her life. I warmly hope this little story brings you more love and peace and motivation to create your own peace niche. Wishing you all good health and peace.  

    Dang To Kien is a member of INEB’s Executive committee and the Community Entrepreneur
    Development Institute (CENDI)/HEPA Eco-farming School, Vietnam.


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