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RECRUITMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Coordinator for Community Development Programme

  • Job title: Coordinator for Community-based Forest & Land Allocation Programme
    Duration: From January 2019 to December 2021
    Location: Lao Cai, Nghe An, Ha Tinh,  Quang Binh, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Lam Dong provinces of Vietnam, and Northern Laos (Lao PDR)
    Application deadline: 30 November 2018
    ·   Good attitude and behavior with a simple and modest lifestyle.
    ·   At least 8 years experience in working with forest-dependent ethnic minority groups.
    ·   Qualification: Professional ecological farmers, bachelor/master/doctor decree in agro-forestry and development economics.
    ·   Deep understanding of Land Law, Forest Law, Law of Bio-diversity, Law of Environment through 1993 – 2003 - 2013 – 2017.
    ·   Practical experience and skills in using GIS software for the forestry sector: MapInfo and handheld GPS.
    ·   Fluent Vietnamese and English (writing and speaking), capable of working with international experts.
    ·   Fluency in Microsoft Office.
    ·   Priority will be given to candidates who are of the ethnic minority groups, and who have passion and experience in living and working together with the ethnic people in difficult and remote areas. 
    A. Coordination and management
    1.  Take the initiative in connecting with and coordinating key farmers from the project areas. Identify needs, objectives and approaches, based on which to prepare master and detailed 3- month and 6 - month plans to further implementation of the community-based forest and land allocation (FLA) at field.  
    2.  Connect with village coordinators, local authorities at commune, district and provincial levels to carry out the contents  of community-based FLA.
    3.  Monitor, supervise and facilitate FLA activities to ensure the direct participation of the local people in all activities, quality and progress of the programme. Facilitate the engagement of women in the project activities. Make monthly, quarterly and annual reports both in Vietnamese and English.
    4.  Propose solutions and resolve issues arising during the project implementation.
    5.  Learn and record into a field diary for further archives of lessons learnt, information, data, documents and maps related to the project in accordance with CENDI’s regulations.
    6.  Provide reports, diagrams and maps when required.
    B. Facilitating and supporting community
    1.  Consult, facilitate and support local authorities at commune and district levels, and communities related to law procedures and inadequacies between practice and policies regarding Forest and Land.
    2.  Facilitate community in the process of independent monitoring. Update and disseminate legal knowledge of forest and land. Support community in voicing their critique over the top down bureaucratic programs that negatively affect the material and spiritual livelihood of the community.
    3.  Update and disseminate the project contents to community. Organize seminars, workshops and conferences with the participations of different stakeholders. 
    1.  Participate in local and international seminars, workshops and conferences.
    2.  Participate in local and international training courses.
    3.  The salary is paid based on the evaluation of the community and the Director of CENDI. Insurance policies are in accordance with Law and the financial regulations of CENDI.  
    4.  Be equal in developing experience and skills, and in behaviours at work. 
    5.  Field trip-related expenses will be in accordance with the financial regulations of CENDI (for more information, please visit
    6.  Minimum monthly salary: VND 20,000,000  
    Recruitment process:
    1.  Scan required job application documents (CV, original/notarized Certificates, ID/Passport, and the most recent photo)  and send to the above mentioned email address.
    2.  Result will be informed to the short-listed candidates within 10 days from the receipt date of the documents via email.
    3.  An interview will be set up through CENDI’s Skype ID with the short-listed candidates.
    4.  The successful candidate will be contacted to complete the recruitment procedure in accordance with Law and regulations of CENDI.
    5.  Your satisfaction/expectation depends on your behavior.

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