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HEPA Where nature is the Heart of All - Lotte Opdam, 19 years, Holland

  •  Lotte Opdam, 19 years, Holland
    HEPA where nature is the heart of all
    I grew up on an organic farm in Holland. My parents always strove to keep the nature in his value.
    Their vision is in many ways similar to that of HEPA: respecting nature, waste nothing and try to recycle as much as possible
    I admire those people who have this mindset in life. They inspire others and the world will be so much better if more people would live like this.
    Here, at HEPA, you can see the passion for nature in daily life. A lot of new trees are planted, so that the forest can keep his own diversity and identity, natural products are used to make soap and the dishes consist of amongst other things more than ten different species of plants, herbs and vegetables
    A diversity garden and a nursery offer this daily amount of vitamins
    The Dutch Organization ICCO support HEPA for a long time already. Without this help, this all would not have been possible
    I will never forget the time I spent at HEPA
    I learnt about nature, ecology and diversity of plants. I ate traditional Vietnamese food, I saw the most amazing nature and above all, I met inspiring people who changed my way of looking at the world.
    Thank you all!

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