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'Hồn nhiên, lãng mạn, bản lĩnh, bao dung và khát khao tự do là vốn trời cho. Nếu ta giá trị được món quá ban tặng đó của Ông Trời như phụng dưỡng mẹ cha ta, ta sẽ có được tự do của chính ta. Doanh nhân Cộng đồng luôn âm thầm thờ phụng món quà tự do của ông Trời ban tặng đó ở các cánh rừng già tưởng là giản đơn mà sâu lắng đến ngỡ ngàng' Trần thị Lành 2015!
Endogenous Stories
Endogenous Stories



The group of activists and group from Kachin State, Myanmar visiting CENDI

  • At CENDI we feel very honored to have this opportunity to welcome and sharing our experiences today on Land rights, Forests and Environmental conservation to various activists and group from Myanmar, Kachin state and also colleagues from ADC, Thai Nguyen.

    In 02 hours session, a series of 09 questions were asked after the presentation. Everyone showed great interests over the women's group in Conservation Enterprise, role of youths and environmental education/ecosystem education to kids through trees planting program. Negative impacts from GMOs in Vietnam and how much CENDI succeed in restoring local seeds. Native seeds was an incredible topic of continuous questions. Myanmar friends are also very concerned and wondering how Vietnam could engaging policy makers into supporting Forests rights and Land rights of local and indigenous communities. The same logic of thought for how Vietnam could guarantee the restoration and conservation of Native seeds despite the influences of Monsanto and GMOs-related businesses.


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