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HEPA Eco-Farming School vs Corona

  • Question: Why, when people all over the world feel so scared and worried about the Corona virus (COVID-19), for example, wearing face masks whenever going out, do HEPA and its people keep living so confidently and peacefully in harmony with nature.
    It is because HEPA has been nurturing and preserving a healthy rainforest ecosystem in the watershed area, where wild flora and fauna develop normally in accordance with the law of nature. Every day I swim and drink water from the clean river which makes me feel completely safe.
    In order to have such a safe environment, HEPA and its people have well understood the fundamental principles and features of the rainforest ecosystem which is characterized by diversity, uniqueness, inter-dependence and adaptability in accordance with its self-balanced organic law.  
    Over decades, human beings have overturned this inevitable law through their cruel interventions with so much illusion, and of course, they must suffer the consequences of their actions. Corona virus and its consequences have put many countries in the world in the worse-ever situation, critically affecting every aspects of the people’s life. This is the cost that human beings have to pay for what they have caused over the last seven decades since the Green Revolution in 1960, when they started their journey to control and dominate nature by transforming nature’s organic law and imposing inorganic process on the lives of all living things.
    To achieve their endless and increasing ambition, humans have tried at any cost to:
    1) Create the Green Revolution by promoting industrial agriculture associated with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to substitute for organic ecosystem-related agriculture; 2) Increase GDP by exploiting the soil’s productivity and transforming diversified rainforests to high-yield mono-crop plantations; 3) Change organic consumption and eating behaviors and habits to inorganic and industrial, causing gene mutation in animals, micro-organisms and other living things in nature.  
    HEPA is very biologically sensitive, because it is located in the upper catchment of the Ngan Pho River which supplies water to the hundreds of thousands of people living downstream on the lowlands for their daily life and production, while its forests supply oxygen. From 1975 to 2000, the HEPA area was overexploited, making its riverbed dry, and depriving its animals and micro-organisms of shelter.

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