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'Hồn nhiên, lãng mạn, bản lĩnh, bao dung và khát khao tự do là vốn trời cho. Nếu ta giá trị được món quá ban tặng đó của Ông Trời như phụng dưỡng mẹ cha ta, ta sẽ có được tự do của chính ta. Doanh nhân Cộng đồng luôn âm thầm thờ phụng món quà tự do của ông Trời ban tặng đó ở các cánh rừng già tưởng là giản đơn mà sâu lắng đến ngỡ ngàng' Trần thị Lành 2015!



Continued Strengthening Livelihood Sovereignty for Villagers Wellbeing through Approaching Holistic Landscape Ecosystem Components

  • Challenges facing Indigenous People in PoE, Mang Canh and Dak Nen communes today

    With the globalisation of the market economy in a relentless search for ever-increasing levels
    of economic growth, the balance of humans and nature is being rapidly destroyed. This is
    nowhere more clear than in the chemicalization of agriculture and plunder of natural resources
    that has now reached its ecological limit. In an effort to overcome natural limitations, countries
    are now turning to artificial intelligence and digital technologies for the precision application
    of chemical inputs, and searching out new territories to apply these techniques. As a result,
    indigenous communities all over the world are suffering new forms of land dispossession and
    livelihood destruction as these new technologies encroach upon their territories. Traditional
    systems of food production based upon a human-nature balance and which contain important
    lesson for human survival are being destroyed. The latter need to be protected, preserved and
    strengthened for the lessons they contain and the populations they support. This is more than
    just a social justice issue; it is an issue of species survival. This proposal for strengthening the
    holistic landscape approach of villagers in Kon Plong district for their livelihood sovereignty
    and wellbeing seeks to address this challenge.

    The 3 R1’s Universal View of IP (HRE, CA DOONG, M’NAM, SE DANG in Kon Plong

    ‘3R’ is the Vietnamese acronym for Rung (Forest) - Ray (upland farm) - Ruong (rice field). It
    represents the ecological interconnectedness of the three landscape zones utilized in traditional
    composite (composed of many forms) highland farming systems. ‘3R’ is an indigenous
    knowledge-based Ecological Landscape Management and Governance system that has been
    maintained sustainably for hundreds of years from one generation to another.

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