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17 Articles provided by LISO that have been included in the New Forest Law No.16/2017/QH14 of the Vietnamese Government

  • There include six new terms now recognized by Law:

    1. Living Space for Indigenous People (IP);
    2. Community Sacred Forest of IP;
    3. Customary Law of IP;
    4. Traditional Watershed Forest;
    5. Native Species;
    6. Border Forest Specific

    Specific 17 Articles
    (Italic and underline in red)

    1. Article 2: Interpretation of terms
    8. Spiritual forest is the forest attached with beliefs, customs and practices of forest-dependant residential communities.
    9. Forest owners are organizations, households, individuals and residential communities that are allocated and leased forest, and allocated and leased land by the State for reforestation; forest restoration and development; transfer, donation and inheritance of forest from other organizations, households and individuals in accordance with Law.
    24. A residential community consists of the community of Vietnamese citizens residing in the same geographical location including village, hamlet, groups of people living on the same street, or similar residential quarter sharing the same customs and practices.

    2. Article 3: Principles of forestry activities
    4. Ensure publicity, transperancy and participation of relevant organizations, households, individuals and residential communities in forestry activities.

    3. Article 4: State forestry policies
    6. The State ensures that ethnic monirity people and forest-dependant residential communities shall be allocated forest attached with land for agro-forestry-fishery production; co-operate and link with forest owners to protect and develop forests, and be shared benefits from forest; practice cultural and belief activities attached with forest in accordance with Government regulations.

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