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Cendi - Worship Nature
'Hồn nhiên, lãng mạn, bản lĩnh, bao dung và khát khao tự do là vốn trời cho. Nếu ta giá trị được món quá ban tặng đó của Ông Trời như phụng dưỡng mẹ cha ta, ta sẽ có được tự do của chính ta. Doanh nhân Cộng đồng luôn âm thầm thờ phụng món quà tự do của ông Trời ban tặng đó ở các cánh rừng già tưởng là giản đơn mà sâu lắng đến ngỡ ngàng' Trần thị Lành 2015!
Livelihood Sovereignty
Livelihood Sovereignty



Livelihood Sovereignty is ‘a holistic ethical alternative solution’ which consists of five inter-relative rights, including: 1) The right to land, forest and water, clean air and natural landscape (basic); 2) The right to maintain one’s own religion (unique); 3) The right to live according to one’s own way of life and values of happiness and wellbeing within one’s own natural environment (practice); 4)The right to operate according to one’s own knowledge and decide what to plant, initiate, create and invent on one’s own land (holistic); and 5) The right to co-manage or co-govern natural resources with neighboring communities and local authorities (strategic). It needs to be daily exercised, voluntarily and legally, at individual, communal, national and international levels in order to consolidate the sharing of the responsibility towards all living things, for today as well as for the generations of tomorrow. With the achievement of Livelihood Sovereignty, all organisms, human and non-human, will be living in harmony with each other, enjoying happiness and wellbeing, in interdependent self-determination’.

Tran thi Lanh (1989-1999-2009)

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP: Solar Energy and Agroecology Farming from July 20-30 2018 in HEPA (19/06/2018)

The workshop has three components:
1. Agricultural Historical Analysis
2. Agroecology and Eco-Farming Practice
3. Solar Energy and its Practical Use in Eco-farming ...



These pressing public issues prompted various farmers, indigenous peoples, and policy makers to conduct a multi-stakeholders in-depth discussion on the implications of vast GM corn expansion. More than 40 participants from different provinces, parliament ...