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Understanding Participatory Action Research by Livelihood Sovereignty (LISO)

  • Action Research is research undertaken to devise a set of actions to bring about a certain practical result. When the recommendations of the research are implemented, the outcome is observed. Then, based on those observations, new research questions are formulated - a new set of recommended actions are devised and implemented - new outcomes observed - new research questions formulated - and so on in an ongoing process until the desired practical result is achieved.
    Action Research is research that seeks transformative change through the combined process of taking action and doing research, which are linked together by critical reflection on each step. 
    Participatory Action Research is led by the need to find effective indigenous solutions to problems as defined by the participating community.
    Logically, in the Participatory Action Research of LISO, the final knowledge findings from Participatory Action Research, will, in the first place, be returned to the Indigenous Villagers to help them in sustaining their way of life, and in the second place, be used for Policy Analysis, further policy dialogue, and critical comparative analysis.
    Lastly, the dialogue outcomes will be analysed to contribute to the process of developing a theory of change for awareness raising of policy makers and researchers. 

    (Tran thi Lanh - LISO Founder 1999)

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